The Quotations Game

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The Quotations Game

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Use quotations to promote conversation and discussion.

Quotations have long been a source of inspiration. The game consists of 144 cards. On the face side of the card is a quotation; on the back is a question which is linked to it. The cards can be used to:
  • Generate discussion
  • Foster introductions
  • Become better acquainted
The aim of this game is to playfully open up discussion between people concerning their personal views on subjects such as communication, change, or leadership. With the help of inspiring one-liners and provocative questions, this game also encourages you to link these subjects to your own personal experience.

The cards cover 6 themes:
  • leadership
  • communication
  • giving meaning
  • change
  • personal development
  • relationships

Some quotations could also be placed in another category. In each theme there are 20-25 cards plus a card without a quotation or a question in case any additions need to be made.

Includes facilitation notes for five different games.
Each card is laminated, approx. 4" x 2.5."

Created by Peter Gerrickens, Marijke Verstege, Judith Kunen and Gerben Willemse

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