What are people saying about Office Oxygen?

5 stars Office Oxygen


December 5, 2018 • Terry Softich

Very easy to order.

December 3, 2018  • David Mruk

You have the items I wanted for my classroom. They were mailed and arrived quickly. Thank you!


August 31, 2018 • Marianne Sipka

Fun things...

My orders are always quickly filled and I've gotten some really fun things to share with coworkers, friends and others. Thank you.


July 19, 2018 • Allan Garnier


Como todos los productos que ustedes ofrecen, son de excelente calidad y aportan una gran ayuda para el desarrollo de las capacitaciones. Excelente continúen de esa forma.  Saludos desde Costa Rica.


July 11, 2018 • Scott Seavers

For my son...

The order was filled and received in a timely manner. We get the Koosh balls for my son who is deaf and blind. It is the only thing that he likes to play with so we buy them in bulk. We had another source that use to give us a good deal on them because he is handicapped but it went out of business. They are getting harder to find so I appreciate that you carry them in your stock. Thank you. Scott


June 23, 2018 • Robin Waterbury


Speedy delivery and quality products. Perfect for both teaching and home with grandkids.


June 12, 2018 • Robin Waterbury

I wish shipping wasn’t so expensive and that we could use more than one code/offer per order.


April 24, 2018 • Kerry Dees

Good variety of things to choose from.  Order arrived very quickly.


March 3, 2018  •  Dr. Maurene Gerson

Not just for meetings…

Just wanted you to know that these items are not being used in an office meeting.  They are being used for my husband and a few others who are in a home for Alzheimers.  My husband needed something to keep his hands busy.  If not busy, he is busy tearing other things apart to see how they work... AKA his toilet.  You might, in the future, think about this aspect for your sales.


February 26, 2018  •  Scott Seavers


I have a child that is deaf and blind. He only likes the feel of the Koosh ball and that is all he will play with. As they are sometimes hard to find, I appreciate that you have them in stock and give a discount for multiple purchases. I will buy them again.


February 2, 2018  •  Frank Baughman

Lunch and Learn

I've ordered the oil wands, we use them during our "Lunch and Learn" meetings. The different colors stand for topics that are chosen at random, one week it maybe "Wearable biosensor technology" or it could take on a yoga or guitar demonstration. We do not restrict the team to just business discussions, the participants are able to bond and share any idea that may pop up! 


January 24, 2018  •  Dianne Vierling

I was happy to find a company that had tools for training volunteers on various topics in a fun way.


January 3, 2018  •  Tim Herrin


My order arrived quickly (before Christmas) and was accurate.  Very pleased!


January 2, 2018  •  Danyl Duval

Ordering was easy, price was right and the product is just what I expected! Can’t ask for more!


December 19, 2017    •  Alexandra (Alex) Felix

Customer service was stellar

I had an excellent experience and would highly recommend your services as your customer service was stellar! 


November 28, 2017

Thanks for sending my order out in a timely manner. Jeri Lang RN Outreach Nurse


November 13, 2017  •  Dorothy Blum, PhD

Fast, but prices are a bit high

Received my order very fast - that is very impressive. I do find the prices a bit high.


November 9, 2017 •  David Bell

Love Love your products

I love love your products they came as described, I am giving them to my dad for the holidays.  He loves them cause they are very funny toys and in his office his colleagues consider them great distractions!


October 25, 2017 •  Julie Stauffer

A purchase I’m glad I made

Ordering was easy and delivery was speedy!  Your advertising strategies was my reminder to make the purchase as well as coaxed me into the “impulse” purchase which I’m glad I made.  Mine was a gift and I’m glad I sent it.  Looking forward to more purchases!



May 3, 2017   •   Etak

Great product

Great product. Fast service. Thanks to Office O2's thorough follow-up and communication, had anything gone wrong I would have been able to contact the company easily. But everything was perfect!


April 25, 2017   •   Melinda

More inexpensive rewards please

More inexpensive rewards please I used to shop at Office Playground for small, fun gifts that my team could play with while they work.  Please provide increased selection of desk toys under $5.


April 25, 2017   •   jk

products arrived on time and were …

products arrived on time and were exactly as described


February 16, 2017   •   Heather

A Little Breathing Room Before A Training

I appreciate the quick delivery of my items as it allowed for my meeting and training to flow without any problems.  Attendees were raving about the colors and fun tools to use as we shared ideas.  Thanks!


February 7, 2017   •   Libby

Quick, responsive, helpful, easy.

My order came quickly, but when I received the wrong item, I called and talked to a real person, who talked to me while she walked out to the warehouse to find the correct item and label it for shipment.  Returning the incorrect item went just as smoothly.  Lovely company, very easy to work with.


February 7, 2017   •   Alexa

Office Oxygen

I have never bought a product that I wasn't completely happy with. Keep up the great job. I love the variety of products and the price point.


February 7, 2017   •   Lisa

Awesome product

Great product, good price and fast delivery.


December 20, 2016   •   Dakota

Great product, good price, fast delivery

My product came quickly and was everything I hoped for! Thanks Office Oxygen!


December 19, 2016   •   Judy

Office Oxygen has great products and service

I ordered padded certificate holders and they were awesome. The cost elsewhere were several dollars more for each holders. OO delivered quickly and the holders were of the quality I expected including clear plastic document protectors. Great company - I highly recommend them!


December 19, 2016   •   phyllis


My order was shipped and delivered even faster than I expected.


November 2, 2016   •   Patricia

Padded Certificate cover

The certificate cover of good quality.


November 2, 2016   •   AED

great selection for ADHD kids, as well as adults in the workplace

I appreciated the great selection & pricing on the "fidgets". I bought quite an assortment for my son, who has ADHD & works better with something in his hand. these are not too distracting, altho some make loud clicking sounds, so those would be best put to use at home.  I bought a few extra for myself to try during meetings. they all seem well made & they arrived very shortly after ordering.


November 2, 2016   •   Seham Abdullah


perfect itemes


November 2, 2016   •   Jeffery


They had what I wanted.  Online shopping was easy and it shipped on-time and in good condition


November 2, 2016   •   Alexa


Other than forgetting our largest item in the order, the products are great and shipped quickly.  The forgotten item was also shipped quickly.


November 2, 2016   •   Gayla

Quality Content

Great products and resources.  Found exactly what I needed. Ordering was easy and simple.  Products arrived on schedule.


October 1, 2016   •   Kristi

Great service and fiddle toys.

I ordered an assortment of fiddle toys.  Order was shipped quickly.


September 22, 2016   •   Rebecca

Love the products!

They have very cool products - we've had break out "10 minute breaks" where we've set up the table ping pong sets, made popcorn and had mini competitions.  Everyone in our department loves these, and it's best if we do it when we can see people need a break, and not planned is the best!


September 22, 2016   •   Michael


I really like docupocket they fit my certificates really good.


August 3, 2016   •   Mike

very good experience

very easy and fast response. well informed right up to delivery of the product.


August 3, 2016   •   Robin

Got my order with no glitches what-so-ever!

Love the fiddle items we purchased


June 28, 2016   •   Gloria

Perfect items for facilitators

I've brought a few items from this this company and haven't been disappointment yet. Prices are comparable to Amazon and worth it. My teams love the meeting fiddle toys and soccer "getting to know you balls". This would be my 1st choice in ordering again because of the customer service and swift delivery.


June 21, 2016   •   Ronell


Excellent quality and sound!  Easy to use!  Very compact and handy to take with you on all occasions.


May 26, 2016   •   Sheri

Office Oxygen is a awesome

Office Oxygen is an awesome resource for relationship building, Morale boosters and etc.


May 26, 2016   •   Ray

Great stock!

Awesome office toys


May 24, 2016   •   Pia

Excellent service

The  customer service was very good, person I talked to was friendly, and they got the product to us in the short time we had to get it.  Product was just what we needed.


May 19, 2016   •   Johnathan

Got what I ordered on time.

Made an order.  Package arrived correct and in time.


March 8, 2016   •   Diana

Amazing customer service

Office Oxygen is great.  I order several things for a National Sales Meeting.  They were quick, prompt and was able to send my delivery so that it was already at the hotel when I arrived.  The sales meeting was a hit and all participants enjoyed the different things I purchased from Office Oxygen.


February 25, 2016   •   Amanda

Great experience!

From my initial call to the customer service team to the prompt delivery and well shipped items I could not have asked for a better experience!


January 14, 2016   •   Lauren

Good Experience

There was great communication of when my order was accepted and shipped.  When I received the product it was what I expected, so that means they did a good job with the product description.  They even did a follow up email to make sure everything was okay.  Overall, good experience.


January 7, 2016   •   Tracy

excellent customer service!

Not only did they offer the best price in the item I ordered they went above and beyond on customer service!  They called the company shipping the bean bag to make sure it would arrive in time.  Excellent excellent service!!


January 7, 2016   •   Melissa

Fast turnaround upon ordering

The turnaround from ordering to delivery has been faster than expected.  Upon making a return, the process was fairly easy in getting an RMA Number to ship and quickly credited back.  Only improvement I'd ask if since shipping is added as a charge, when wanting to return, it would be great to have the return shipping paid for instead of the additional cost and ownness being on the customer.


January 7, 2016   •   BCH

Happy in TX

Excellent company to work with. Good service. Prompt shipping.


January 7, 2016   •   Becky

Very Happy

Exactly what I ordered and quickly - thank you so much


January 7, 2016   •   Judy

upbeat and positive

I bought your puzzle a few years back...the blank one where folks pick a piece and decorate it. I used it with a network of other non-profit agencies that I facilitate. We had a lot of fun putting that together. Other folks at my office saw how well it turned out, so internal teams started designing their own puzzles. Beautiful work!  I recently purchased some "mood" indicators (can't remember the title of them) for a few office folks for the holidays. They proudly display in their cubes to signal to others what mood they are in. Priceless!


November 19, 2015   •   Douglas

Consistent Excellence

I have been ordering from Trainer's Warehouse for about 7 years now and have always been pleased with the selection and quality of the products available for meeting facilitation and training. Always on time and impactful. I really appreciate the opportunity for one-stop shopping given my busy schedule.


October 28, 2015   •   Marsha

Excellent Service!

I received a high quality product in a timely manner for a reasonable price. Couldn't ask for better from an online order!


October 28, 2015   •   Stephanie Scott

My team loved your products!

I purchased several items from Office Oxygen for 2015 CSR Appreciation Day.  They were all a huge hit but especially the You are Doing a Freaking Awesome Job book!  Love your site, products and the prices CANNOT be beat.  Others in our company will be ordering products from you as well because of the quality.   Thanks for making CSR Day special for us.


September 29, 2015   •   Christine

Excellent company to deal with

The products were accurately described.  They came shipped to me very fast.  I will do business with you guys again!


September 29, 2015   •   Stace


I purchased the CPR First Aid ball it's an awesome game


September 29, 2015   •   Heather

awesome products for a worthy cause

most of us spend a large amount of our time a day at our work place. why wouldnt you want to find fun and interesting ways to improve your daily experiences there? i love this site and its products i have seen. so far i have only ordered hand buzzers and played trivia games to help encourage knowledge in our work place. how fun and effective this has been!!!!! i cant wait to order more stuff and be creative on all the different uses!!!


August 12, 2015   •   Robin Mangini

Great mini bamboo dry erase board

This great little dry erase board is helpful in keeping me organized!


July 29, 2015   •   Sheilah

Evolution Chair

I loved the chair, however being an office environment, when I leaned over to get something, the chair somewhat leaned/rolled which was unsafe to use.  Poor design for movement.


July 29, 2015   •   NYgirl

Great Service and Product

Been satisfied time after time ordering from Office Oxygen. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.


July 29, 2015   •   BK San Diego

Fast and Dependable

Fast and dependable delivery - good quality items at a good price.


July 29, 2015   •   MEMPHIS

Amazing Service

The service provided to me from Office Oxygen fits perfectly with the items they sale.  I was shipped the wrong item and they made it right with no questions asked.  I dare mention, my office team was very pleased with the product.  The items were shipped and received more quickly than I expected.


July 29, 2015   •   Kathy


I came across this website by accident and ordered a few things for our call center.  The "Smile" doll I use  as prizes.  The "smile" pen will be given out at a training session.  I use the "Ice Breaker" ball at the start of the training sessions to lighten up the mood in the training session. I plan on ordering another "Ice Breaker" ball soon.  I also ordered the huge coloring poster for employees to color when they are feeling a bit stressed.  It's fun to see the progress week by week.  There are a lot of great teambuilding ideas on the Office Oxygen website.  I know I will continue to order from them.


June 3, 2015   •   Becky

Great product and fast shipping

I got what I needed when I needed it. Communication was positive and timely. I will definitely be using Office Oxygen in the future.


May 1, 2015   •   Zapotz

Great Toys, good prices!

I went with this site because they had a great price on the jeliku. I ended up with $55 worth of a selection of fidget toys, and I take them with me to all kinds of places. Kids and adults love them. Shipping was timely. However, they do keep sending me catalogs. I found them online. I really don't need a catalog every month!


April 30, 2015   •   MMY

Office Oxygen

Easy online ordering process, typical notifications via email, but their sense of fun is just wonderful. Pay attention to how items are described and you will see what I mean. Nice to deal with and items arrived promptly.


April 30, 2015   •   Dee


As a team and leadership consultant I always look for new and innovative activities to share with my teams. You have the best selection of activities by far


April 29, 2015   •   Randi

Happy So Far

I have purchased a few items and am generally happy with their quality.


April 29, 2015   •   Jan

Fast shipping

I ordered a spinning prize wheel and received it in less than a week.


April 29, 2015   •   Jeanna

School Supplies

I am happy with everything that we have ordered so far and will continue to order through them.


April 29, 2015   •   Cathy

Great Job!

Love your products.  Can't always afford to purchase as much as I want, but I always look through the catalogs I receive.


April 29, 2015   •   Amanda

Excellent Quality

I loved the oscar's I bought for our banquet. It was a huge success.


April 29, 2015   •   Karen

Fast and fun

Great options, love the getting to know you balls for team meetings!


April 29, 2015   •   Sonya B.

Chimes Lovely!

We use our chimes during our meeting to notify our attendees that the meeting is starting again. It's nice and it works.