20 Super-Sized Quick Response Whiteboards Combo in Tote Bag w/Markers and Mini-erasers

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20 Super-Sized Quick Response Whiteboards Combo in Tote Bag w/Markers and Mini-erasers

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This handy combo provides 20 handheld whiteboards, ALL with BLUE handles, PLUS 20 mini-erasers, 20 black dry-erase markers, all in a sturdy, see-through tote!

Conduct more efficient meetings, by allowing all attendees to express opinions or vote simultaneously. You'll quickly determine when you need to take more time to build consensus and when you don't.

Same great dry-erase surface as our original Quick Response Whiteboards, but now with 30% more writing space -- perfect for longer answers and larger print.

These super-sturdy dry-erase, TWO-sided whiteboards are great for:

  • Conducting icebreaker activities
  • Casting votes
  • Answering questions
  • Rating or ranking items
  • Sharing game answers

Two-sided; 7-3/4" x 9-3/4"

View Video Demos of our Original Quick Response Whiteboards!

Customer Reviews

Whiteboards allow every person to think and write an answer.

  • By calling on the first person to answer, everyone else in the room stops thinking on their own.
  • Give people time to think of answers, then write them down.
  • Consider “Stand-pair-share” to get people moving and engaged in a meeting or learning event.
  • Use Whiteboards for ice-breakers and energizers. Ask each person to jot down a goal, concern, or favorite quote. Or, for instance, ask people to write where they’re from, then find the person who lives closest/farthest from them.
  • Whiteboards are also fun for voting or entertaining kids on long car rides. 

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