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  Start/Stop/Continue/Change - Sticky Notes, set of 20 pads

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Start/Stop/Continue/Change - Sticky Notes, set of 20 pads

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Take time to debrief your event and help participants identify and follow through on key learning points. Your focused review helps participants think about ways they can implement the learning so they don't forget.

These sticky note pads are perfect debrief tools for individuals or small groups. Pass them around as prompts to ask the following questions:

  1. What actions should you START doing to integrate today's messages into your daily processes?
  2. Which actions should you STOP doing to avoid current problems?
  3. What's still working that you should CONTINUE to do?
  4. What needs to CHANGE in order to bring about the desired change?

Set of 20 pre-printed sticky note pads with STOP, START, CONTINUE, and CHANGE printed on each note.

Plenty of blank space on each pad for participants to write out their ideas and goals on each sheet.

Set includes 5 of each style of pad. Each 3 in. x 3 in. pad has 50 stickies.

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