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Reflection Cards

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Reflection Cards

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Holstee Reflection Cards are a fun way to spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships with the people in your life.

Every deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions centered around mindful themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience. Perfect to use with friends, family, and coworkers. Each card has a unique, abstract design, representing the adventures, stories, and ideas that make us who we are.


The perfect question is always on hand.

Holstee has researched, brainstormed, and tested hundreds of options to arrive at the 104 questions included in the deck. The final questions were chosen based on their potential to inspire stories, emotions, and a sense of connectedness. 

Each card has two questions on it — an icebreaker to keep things light and fun, and a deeper question for digging into the good stuff.

No matter what card you pull or who you are with, you’ve always got a great question to ask.


When to use your Holstee Reflection Cards.

  • With co-workers: A tool to help you get beyond typical water cooler talk and build relationships with your team. Great for company off-sites or as an ice-breaker before meetings.
  • At training events: Use prior to launching into new materials by exploring themes such as Creativity, Integrity and Adventure to get the juices flowing; Alternatively, close an exercise, team activity, or day of learning by drawing out remaining questions and conclusions with themes such as Resilience, Reflection and Gratitude. 
  • With friends: Dinner parties, road trips, picnics, brunches, camping trips — there is never a bad moment to start a meaningful conversation that will leave you feeling better connected with friends old and new. 
  • With a journal: Bring a deeper level of introspection to your next journal entry. These questions are perfect writing prompts and a wonderful way to get to know yourself better.

Beautiful, functional, and fun.

Each card has a unique, abstract design, representing the adventures, stories, and ideas that make us who we are. Together, the cards make a single, connected piece of art — a reminder that we are united in our differences.

Informed by mindfulness and positive psychology.

Covering topics such as Kinship, Gratitude, and Compassion, the cards tackle a wide variety of themes — informed by research into the science of mindfulness and positive psychology. The cards are color-coded so you can guide the conversation or self-reflection however you feel.

Each deck also includes some gameplay suggestions to help you get started!

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