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  Laughable Lyrics for Meetings and Training, downloadable file

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Laughable Lyrics for Meetings and Training, downloadable file

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Listen to song samples below!
  • Create a playful ambience
  • Ease transitions
  • Introduce breaks
  • Warm up the crowd
Get laughs and ease learners through challenging transitions between content segments with this brand new CD of 21 original classroom jingles by a NY song writer and Broadway musicians.

Songs range in style from classic Broadway to Rock 'n Roll, Calypso to Hora, Tin Pan Alley to Rap, Blues to Country -- appealing to all ages and musical tastes. Each song was written specifically with classroom trainers and their trainees in mind. Running time: 20 minutes. The lyrics are 100% guaranteed to bring laughter to your classroom.

These original tunes can be played royalty-free in classroom settings on a conventional CD player or your computer. You can also import the tunes as MP3 audio files and import into your PowerPoint presentations.


  Listen to Samples

Song Titles:

Songs of Welcome
  1. Thanks for Coming  0:55
  2. Meet & Greet  0:42
  3. Hello  0:36
  4. Come to da Meetin', Mon  0:58
  5. Sit Down  0:30

Warming Up the Crowd

  1. Fill It In  0:34
  2. Turn Off Your Cell Phone  1:00
  3. Make the Most of It  1:03
  4. Keep an Open Mind  0:43
  5. Meetin' Rap  1:12
  6. Think Outside the Box  1:05
  7. Part of the Team  1:00

Breaktime Tunes

  1. The Bathroom Hora  0:52
  2. Take a Break  1:00
  3. Time to Munch  0:17
  4. Hallelujah Lunchtime 0:35
  5. "After Lunchtime" Blues  1:00
  6. Exercisin'  1:00
  7. Come In  0:36
  8. Break's Over  0:36

Saying "So long"

  1. Goodbye  0:40

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Laugh Track  0:05
  2. Applause track  0:05
  3. Songwriter's Extras  2:24

This is a downloadable product (CD no longer available). After you've placed your order, you will be given a link where you can download the MP3 audio files.

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