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HRD DISC Style Assessments, 5-pack paper assessment

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HRD DISC Style Assessments, 5-pack paper assessment

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Gain Awareness of Personal Strengths

Based on theories of psychologist William Marston, the HRD Press DISCStyles assessment helps organizations understand how behaviors impact the success of their employees--and their bottom line -- and improve communication and conflict resolution skills.

Product Benefits:
  • Gain awareness of personal strengths and motivations
  • Uncover career development opportunities
  • Improve methods for interpersonal communication
  • Enhance conflict resolution ability
  • Create 360-degree feedback for your leaders
  • Build and strengthen teams
  • Improve professional relationships internally and externally
Sample Topics:
  • Your Behavioral Style Tendencies, Strengths, and Struggles
  • Your Management Strategies and What Motivates You
  • Your Communication Preferences
  • About the Four Basic DISC styles
  • How to Identify Another Person's Style
  • How to Use Adaptability for Greater Success

Each assessment includes a score sheet. The scoring can be completed by the test-taker or by a facilitator or HR representative. The booklet describes all the potential style combinations that correlate with the the scores. Once the assessment has been completed, the test-taker has access to information about their particular profile characteristics in many environments -- at work, socially, under stress, etc. -- and review strategies for increasing personal effectiveness.

The package include 5 paper assessments/scoring bookets.

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