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To help make work feel less like “work,” improve meeting participation, and promote employee engagement, you’ll find playful game show buzzers, prize wheels, break-time games, teambuilding tools and more! Work shouldn’t be drudgery; it should be fun. Happiness at work makes economic sense too! Companies with happy workers enjoy lower turnover, greater productivity and engagement, and higher profits. So, go ahead and WORK FUN!

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  • Walk Away Fiddle Set (25/set)

    Walk Away Fiddle Set (25/set)

    Product Code #: FISETW

    Fiddles so affordable, you won't mind if they "walk away" as reminders of meeting take-aways.
  • Deluxe Fiddle Set (24/stress toys set)

    Deluxe Fiddle Set (24/stress toys set)

    Product Code #: FISETA

    Foster creativity, alleviate stress, stay focused with 24 all-time favorite fiddles!!
  • Kitchen Sink Fiddle Set (84/set)

    Kitchen Sink Fiddle Set (84/set)

    Product Code #: FISETS

    Colossal Collection of the BEST FIDDLES we know of! Includes everything -- but the kitchen sink!
  • 1001 Ways to Energize Employees

    1001 Ways to Energize Employees

    Product Code #: RBWEE

    How to Inspire Personal Initiative and Risk, Build Empowerment, Self-Directed Teams, and Continuous Improvement

    Special Price: $7.95

    Regular Price: $12.95

  • Indoor Snowball Fight

    Indoor Snowball Fight

    Product Code #: CLTSBF

    Snowball fights - indoors!
  • Magic Coloring Book

    Magic Coloring Book

    Product Code #: PPCOLS

    Flip the pages and create magic!

  • Tangle Toy Set (50/bag)

    Tangle Toy Set (50/bag)

    Product Code #: FITAN50

    Everyone's favorite fidget toy in a GIANT training room or conference set!
  • Cranial Massager

    Cranial Massager

    Product Code #: STRCRN

    Relax and revitalize your mind!

    Special Price: $1.50

    Regular Price: $2.50

  • Smile for No Good Reason

    Smile for No Good Reason

    Product Code #: RBSTSM

    Simple Things You Can Do to Get Happy NOW

    Special Price: $9.95

    Regular Price: $15.95

  • The Happy Manifesto

    The Happy Manifesto

    Product Code #: RBHM

    Make Your Organization a Great Place to Work -- Now!

    Special Price: $9.95

    Regular Price: $14.95

  • Dammit Doll, 13"

    Dammit Doll, 13"

    Product Code #: STRDDL

    A great stress reliever. Great for taking out your frustrations or sharing a laugh.
  • Desktop Punching Bag

    Desktop Punching Bag

    Product Code #: STRPCH

    Don't let stress get the better of you or your team!
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Set Descending Direction

There are 261 products.

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