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UNZIP-it!™ and start talking about topics that matter!

It's time to open up the conversation and talk about the unspeakable! Pop a bunch of pertinent questions into the UNZIP-it!™ zipper mouth and pass the pouch from player to player.  Unzip the playful pocket and pull out a discussion topic to spark conversation and build relationships.  Invite recipients to pull out a topic, read it to the group and respond.

Choose the UNZIP-it!™ option and stuff  the pocket with the following deck of 30 pre-printed cards.  Each deck contains the same prompts as it's namesake Thumball (you can customize any blank cards with your own discussion prompts):


  • UNZIP-it!™  With Session Openers Deck (#BLPZA-S)

The Session Openers deck helps people get beyond knowing each other and contains deeper questions about motivations, goals, and what makes people tick.  The most compelling reason to break the ice is to create a stress-free environment, optimized for learning.  (Click on the blue card images above to see the prompts)


  • UNZIP-it!™  With Common Ground Deck (#BLPZA-E)

Use the Common Ground deck to stimulate conversation, promote team spirit, and boost flagging energy.  As you try to generate conversation to build new friendships and relationships, a key challenge is finding “common ground” experiences and interests that you share with others. (Click on the green card images above to see the prompts)


  • UNZIP-it!™  With Getting to Know You Deck (#BLPZA-G)

Learn more about yourself and others with the Getting to Know You deck open-ended team building activity. It's the perfect conversation starter for icebreakers, energizers, team building, and more. (Click on the pink card images above to see the prompts)


The inscription on the back says it all: 

Feeling shy about speaking out?

Or, not sure what to talk about? 

It’s easy now to start the flow,

And have discussions bloom and grow. 

Unzip the pouch and pick a topic,

Big and broad, or microscopic,

A prompt that doesn’t dig too deep,

Or one that makes you take a leap.

Go ahead, reach in and pick it,

Read the prompt and then UNZIP-it!


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Facilitation Tips:

Take turns circulating the UNZIP-it!™  Ask players to answer the prompt they've pulled out of the pouch

If you want to kick it up a notch, try these creative twists:

1. Ask players to anticipate what answer will be given by another player.

2. Have players recall answers given by previous responders, before adding their own answer.

3. Ask first recipient to select a question panel to which all players must respond or contribute.

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