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  Design Thinking Sticky Notes (set of 25)

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Design Thinking Sticky Notes (set of 25)

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Design Thinking is a popular methodology used to solve complex problems. The five-part model focuses on Understanding, Problem Definition, Ideation, Prototyping, and Testing.

Individual Reflection:
Request that individuals reflect jot down their thoughts on Sticky Notes that match the different steps in the process.

    Learn about the audience you are designing for.
    Create a point of view based on user needs and insights.
    Brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as possible.
    Build a representation of one or more of your ideas to show to others.
    Share your prototyped idea with your original user and ask for feedback.

Small Group Discussions:
When they're ready, ask them to take about five minutes to discuss their ideas with others at their table. Encourage tables to continue to take notes on the Sticky Notes.

Sharing with the Larger Group:
Invite them to post their Sticky Notes on a poster, wall or board at the front of the room. Then, group similar comments together and see what themes begin to emerge. They're great for Agile processing methodologies and other facilitation needs.

Set of 25 pads. Each sticky pad is 3" x 3", and includes 50 sticky note sheets.

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