CPR and First Aid Thumball

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CPR and First Aid Thumball

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Throw it. Catch it. Respond to the panel under your thumb.

The CPR and First Aid Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball and has 12 panels pre-printed with important questions suited for adults and teens. Use it to enhance trainings, test for comprehension & review important material. The ball is 6" diameter.

It is best used with CPR & First Aid classes and does not replace taking an actual class. Instructions and answer key inside card.

CPR & First Aid Thumball optional methods of play:
Option 1: Answer for yourself or ask a colleague.
Option 2: Split up into 2 teams, collect points for correct
responses, 1st team to reach 15 wins!
Option 3: Have the group form 2 lines, toss Thumball to front person, if correct response is given they advance. Team that advances all players wins.

1. What is poison control number?
2. What does AED do?
3. Cool a _____?
4. FAST is an acronym for _____?
5. Describe 3 signs of a heart attack.
6. Hold pressure to control _____?
7. What is correct hand placement for Heimlich Maneuver?
8. Correct number of breaths & pumps?
9. Describe a sign of choking.
10. Describe 3 signs of allergic reaction.
11. Explain proper hand placement for CPR - for a baby, a child, an adult.
12. How do you open an airway?

1. 1-800-222-1222
2. Automatic external defibrillator used to restart heart rhythm
3. A burn with water, do not pop blister
4. Stroke indicators: facial weakness, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties, Time
5. Chest pain, nausea, pain to jaw, back, shoulder, shortness of breath
6. Bleeding that won't stop
7. Baby- 2 fingers at nipple line (5 back blows, 5 chest thrusts) Child- thumb side against belly, above belly button place fist against belly (use a firm in & up motion until object expelled) Adult- place fist thumb side against belly, above belly button, cover with other hand, use a firm in & up motion until object is expelled
8. 30 compressions, 2 breaths, at least 100 per minute
9. Holding throat, no coughing, no talking, cant breath
10. Itchy, hives, red skin, wheezing, short of breath
11. Baby- 2 fingers at nipple line, child; Adult- lower half of sternum (2 fingers above where ribs come together)
12. Tilt the head back and lift the chin at the same time

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