Company Story

For over 20 years we've been selling innovative products that energize learning through our first company, Trainers Warehouse. In 2013, we decided it was time to share these great resources with others in the business community, with the goal of making WORK more innovative, effective and fun! With that mission, we launched Office Oxygen, a selection of products to breathe fresh air into the workplace. Office Oxygen, a woman-owned business, is based in Natick, Massachusetts.

Our products aim to help you:

  • Conduct more effective meetings
  • Work better as teams
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Increase enjoyment and play at work
  • Inspire regular recognition and appreciation of colleagues.

We promise the same outstanding level of customer service and product quality for which we've come to be known at Trainers Warehouse.

A bit of our family history . . . Dad . . . Since deciding to launch Office Oxygen, Mom and I have been tickled by the resemblance of this new business to my dad's original concept for Trainers Warehouse (before it even was Trainers Warehouse)! Back in 1993, Michael Doctoroff (a.k.a. Dad) launched a company called Office Images. His original idea was to offer employees VELCRO-backed frames and other products to make their office "cubes" nicer places to work. Because trainers were the ones most interested in these "Qube Frames," the company evolved to focus specifically on a variety of tools for trainers and educators. In some ways, mom and I see Office Oxygen as a return to that original concept of making the office a happier place to be!

One more bit of family history . . . Mom . . . Before mom joined dad and me in the business, she ran a program called On My Own Time. It's a program in which employees share the artwork they've done on their own time, and is meant to foster an environment rich in community and mutual appreciation. That program, too, is so consistent with the concept of Office Oxygen, that we've created a program so that customers can create the same wonderful dynamics in their own organizations.

One more bit of family history . . . Sue  . . . Okay, it's true, I was a clown in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. What does that have to do with Office Oxygen? Probably not much, except for the fact that ever since I left college I've been looking for work places that marry the notions of "work" and "fun."  Alas, I have arrived!


Sue LandaySusan Doctoroff Landay, President of Trainers Warehouse and Office Oxygen, is responsible for all business strategy, mailing, design, and other promotional efforts and oversees customer service activities. Susan works with the marketing team to define new product offerings. Her primary goal is to make work and learning more fun and effective.

Prior to joining her father at Trainers Warehouse in July of 1997, she had several years consulting and training in the field of negotiation and another couple with a business history consulting company. Susan completed her undergraduate work at Yale University ('86) and received a graduate degree in management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University ('92). Early work experiences included advertising account work and performing as a clown for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Susan has written numerous articles, which have appeared in the Sloan Management Review,Pfeiffer Training AnnualeLearn MagazineSmart Meetingsand Training Magazine.  She serves on the board of NEMOA, the National E-tailing and Mailing Organization of America.

Honey Doctoroff, Vice-President,Honey Doctoroff  is responsible for human resources, office and warehouse management, and collaboration on long-term company goals and strategy.

Prior to joining her husband and daughter at Trainers Warehouse in September of 2000, she developed and administered a regional art-in-the-workplace program known as “On My Own Time,” which encouraged and celebrated employees’ personal creativity and talent. Honey earned a Bachelors Degree at Simmons College in Boston in 1959, taught elementary school, tutored children and adults as a reading specialist and served as Director of Administrative Services at the JCC of Greater Rochester.

Honey spent fifty years as a life partner and business collaborator with Trainers Warehouse founder Michael and looks forward to continuing his dream of bringing innovative, fun and effective products to teachers and trainers -- and now all office workers! --  all over the world.